Dear Colleague,

Dr. Kierstin here, Licensed Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist, and it brings me so much joy that you have stumbled upon ND Inspo.

First, let me tell you a little secret... ND Inspo is a fairly selfish endeavor. You see, the idea for this platform planted in my mind in 2019 as a newer graduate of Naturopathic Medical school. At the time I was feeling a bit lost in the business side of things, in where to start, in how to start, in my own take on applying our Principles and Philosophy and figuring out how to put all of our wonderful modalities into practice. It's all a bit overwhelming really when you first graduate, I'm sure you recall or maybe you're there right now. Anyway, fast forward to 2020, the world flips on its' head, the Acupuncture clinic I am at had to close their doors for several months and things felt heavy all around the world. I wasn't sure how I could contribute as I was in the middle of studying for part 2 NPLEX, had deleted all of my social media a year prior, and am also in a pre-licensed State, yet I knew that we had so much to offer the public during this time as Naturopathic Doctors. 

 And if I am being even more honest, I could see division in the ND community widening, which brings a newbie such as myself a bit of worry, "will this profession make it if we treat one another this way?"top that with witnessing colleagues struggle to keep their practices afloat. Then I remembered this idea I had of creating a resource hub for Naturopathic Doctors meant to keep us inspired, and I needed it just as much as the next person in this moment.

 I sought out elders in our community for guidance as well as my cohort and with a few on board I got to interviewing. It's now a year later and we are still going and with the same mission; to help connect, grow and inspire Naturopathic Doctors and students from all over. Each interview and resource is created with this mission in mind. 

The Why

ND Inspo is essentially a culmination of my own passion for our medicine as well as;

- A deep knowing the impact we can and do have on communities and individuals around the world

- An equal understanding that it is not an easy path to choose

-My own frustrations in practice building as well as seeing fellow colleagues not being able to make ends meet and ultimately finding work elsewhere

-Knowing that we can both create a large impact and be financially successful and stable at the same time. (There are plenty of interviews at this point to help show you the way)

The Mission

To help connect, grow, and inspire Naturopathic Doctors and Students  from all over through sharing stories, experiences, and resources. 

Thank you for being here and for believing in this mission.

In Health,


Kierstin DeWitt, ND, RAc

Founder of ND Inspo LLC

Founder of Health Intentionally LLC

National University of Health Sciences '18

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Master of Acupuncture


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