Dear Colleague,

It brings me so much joy that you have stumbled upon this page.

To give you a little context, let me tell you about what brought me to Naturopathic Medicine, why I deeply appreciate our medicine, and why I think it is so important for us to connect, grow, and inspire one another. 


I came to learn about Naturopathic Medicine while nearing the end of my Dietetics program and realizing how much was left to learn and understand. I knew from my education, clinical rotations, and speaking with many Dietitians out in the field that through dietary intervention alone, we could vastly improve the state of disease if not reverse it. I began seeking further education options in Nutrition until Naturopathic Medicine popped up in my search. Quite honestly, I had never heard of it before, but the philosophy rang true to my understanding of health and I never felt more understood in my life. This is what I was meant to practice.

After graduating from Naturopathic Medical school I began missing my tribe and finding myself sharing with them whatever information I got my hands on that felt inspiring and informative. ND Inspo is a natural byproduct of that joy I get from sharing helpful information and keeping us connected.

Additionally, there is much room for interpretation in Naturopathic Medicine, lending itself to a wide array of unique practices around the world. Why not share those practices with one another through stories and interviews so that we can all learn?

AND, as one professor put it, trying to get NDs together is like herding cats. Which I find true now more than ever.

So here is my attempt, and I hope you will join me.

  The goal of ND Inspo is to create a community and a resource for Naturopathic Medical professionals from all over the globe in order to help us grow as a profession, to keep us rooted in the principles, and to stay inspired by our medicine. We do so by providing a platform to communicate ideas and share guidance, by sharing inspiring Naturopathic stories and cases, and by preserving the voices of our elders of Naturopathic Medicine to teach us for years to come.

In Health,


Kierstin DeWitt, ND, RAc

Founder of ND Inspo

National University of Health Sciences '18

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine

Master of Acupuncture


© 2020 by ND INSPO 

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