COVID-19, Naturopathic Principles, Togetherness with Dr. Louise Edwards

In this episode, Dr. Louise Edwards ND, LAc discusses how to clinically rationalize COVID-19, how to apply our Naturopathic Principles when approaching cases, why togetherness is so important at this time, and how to utilize techniques such as kindness and compassion for our own health and the wellbeing of others.

Dr. Edwards has over 30 years of experience in Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. She has been a long-standing adjunctive faculty at Bastyr University and one of the first faculty members of the NUHS Naturopathic program. Dr. Edwards has played a vital role in Naturopathic licensure efforts, the foundation of AANP, and has an immeasurable impact through sharing her deep knowledge of Naturopathic Philosophy and case analysis.

Resources mentioned throughout the video:

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