Ep 15 | A Drink Called Mindfulness, Identity, & Leveling Up with Dr. Erin Edwards

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

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Dr. Erin Edwards is a recent graduate from CCNM, a Reiki Level II practitioner with a background in Kinesiology and Exercise Physiology. Dr. Edwards recently released her first book called, A Drink Called Mindfulness: How to go from Hot Mess to Self Aware Before 30, where she uncovers her own areas of growth through vulnerability and the tools she used to shift from apathetic to awake. In the intro to the book she says that; “Spoonfuls of mindfulness each day has replaced my addiction to alcohol, has helped me grieve the loss of my father, and helped me come to terms with my sexuality.” And what I loved about reading this book was the courage it took to be so vulnerable and honest as well as the actionable mindfulness tools Dr. Edwards provides for people to apply that only take 5 or so minutes. In this episode we dive into the 4 pillars of mindfulness, identity, the different cycles that we go through in life, and how we can level up with each of those cycles through mindfulness practices.

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