EP 21| How to Improve Communication, Compliance,& Sales in Life & Practice with Dr. Jamil Sayegh, ND

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This episode with Dr. Jamil Sayegh is one that you will want to listen to a few times over. For some context, I asked Dr. Jamil to come on because he is a Naturopathic Doctor as well as a life, business and relationship coach and I frequently see his inspirational posts on instagram so what better person to have on a podcast geared towards helping to keep Naturopathic Doctors and Students inspired?! I knew this would be a powerful episode but I was blown away by the end with how much actionable information Dr. Jamil provided for us all. We cover a wide range of topics including; importance of how we communicate to others, physician heal thyself, how to improve compliance (even with ourselves), how to change our mindset around sales and selling, how to become more clear on our goals and even how to calculate our rates.

So, listen, watch, take some notes and let us know what your biggest takeaways were!

Dr. Jamil Sayegh is an international life, business, and relationship coach, integrative naturopathic physician, master NLP practitioner, and the author of 20 Steps to Your Next Breakthrough. He works with leaders and high performers from all walks of life including world-champion athletes, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, business professionals, and more to create an extraordinary life without regret.

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