EP 24| Naturopathic Business Expert Prepares Us for Success in 2021 with Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND

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In this episode I invited on Dr. Andrea Maxim to share with us some tips for success as we enter into the New Year. Dr. Andrea Maxim is a Naturopathic Doctor, founder of MAXIMized Business, the creator of the MAXIMized Practitioner Method, and the host of Profitable Practice podcast. So needless to say she is an expert in business and truly an inspiration.

We chatted about;

~2:00- What brought you to Naturopathic Medicine & then to become a Business Mentor?

~7:00 - The importance of systems in business and practice

~15:00- Non-negotiables every ND needs to have for success in 2021

~21:00- How do you get it all done?!

~23:00- Her first hire

~27:00- What is CEO Mindset?

~31:00- If you were to start from scratch...

~37:00- Going virtual

~41:00- It's okay to not be a CEO type

~46:00- What keeps you inspired?


My name is Dr. Andrea Maxim, naturopathic doctor and I am the founder of MAXIMized Business and the creator of the MAXIMized Practitioner Method. My proven methodology helps outstanding health & wellness practitioners stand out with modernized marketing and messaging and also helps them build the simplest systems and strategies and instantly give time freedom back, so they can enjoy life outside of the office. As a practicing ND, running two six-figure clinics, she recognizes the importance of taking the right steps in the right order. If you are ready to get your practice operating in the black, take home a decent income, and grow it to six figures, reach her at: www.MAXIMizedBusiness.ca


Free Game Plan Call: https://themaximmovementallclinics.as.me/gameplan

Free MAXIMized Practitioner Handbook: https://www.maximizedbusiness.ca/mpp-method/

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