Journey Towards Becoming a Naturopathic Doctor, Author, and Publisher with Dr. Turshá Hamilton, ND

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If you don't know Dr. Hamilton, she is an author, speaker, publisher, entrepreneur, coach and so much more! She has helped so many fellow NDs have their voices heard through her collaborative publishing efforts which in turn helps our Naturopathic community at large.

In this episode, we cover so many great topics such as the elephant in the room aka the validity of Naturopathic Medicine, the importance of the Black Family Health-O-Pedia and resources like it, the importance of knowing our heritage, tips for aspiring authors, and Dr. Turshá's journey to and with Naturopathic Medicine so be sure to tune in for all that this episode has to offer!

In practice, Dr. Turshá has a focus on Diabetes, Hypertension, and Digestive Disorders and uses a balanced approach to medicine, health and wellness by finding the root cause of diseases and treating it with methods like nutritional counseling, botanical medicine, lifestyle modifications and hydrotherapy. Her patients have seen amazing results over time which include decreases in pain, blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol as well as increases in vitality and energy. Dr. Turshá’s goal is to help you Live Better!

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