ND Inspo Unwind: Connecting Through Sharing Struggles, Laughs, and Observations

I was so grateful to have some fellow NDs and friends with me on our first ND Inspo Unwind this past Sunday. We took time to connect with one another by sharing how this time has impacted our lives which has helped give us each a different perspective on what is happening. We brought up the tough subject of dying alone, took a moment of silence, and shared what has been keeping us inspired along the way. And we shared some nervous laughter and some true laughter (see the last video for "bloopers").

In the end of it all, I felt happy to know I was not alone and I was thankful for the perspectives shared to expand my own. Maybe you can relate? Maybe you have vastly different experiences? Feel free to share those with us in the forum or on the next ND Inspo Unwind. We will hold these once a month to help keep us connected and inspired. I hope to see you there.

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