EP 11| Staying Up-To-Date with Dr. McKenzie Mescon, ND

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

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Recently Dr. McKenzie Mescon posted about the passing of Dr. Burton Rose who created the clinical reference tool called Up-To-Date which has kept healthcare providers from around the world in the loop for years. In tribute to Dr. Rose she was inspired to share the many ways in which she keeps herself informed of the latest research and findings for her patients.

I reached out to Dr. Mescon because I think that we all know it’s important to stay informed but maybe we aren’t sure which resources are best or available to us, so in this episode you will hear about many different resources, and not just the ones online, that you can use as well as Dr. Mescon's experience doing a Residency for those considering if a Residency is right for you.

We also wanted to take a moment and note that keeping ourselves informed and educated includes educating ourselves about racism and the experiences of BIPOC so that we can be the change we need to see in our healthcare system. We've included some resources in the blog to get you started along with the resources Dr. Mescon has provided for staying up-to-date in the medical literature.

Dr. McKenzie Mescon aka Dr. Mack is a Naturopathic Doctor graduating at the top of her class from NUHS. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in biology and non-fiction writing! She completed her residency in primary care and general practice at Spring Integrative Health in Bozeman, Montana where she continues to practice today. Dr. Mescon is also in the works of offering telemedicine for patients in her home state, Massachusetts. She is a writer, a hockey player, skier, trail runner, avid reader , nature explorer and fisherwomen with her Husband Hanzi.

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Medical Resources (thank you, Dr. Mescon!)


Resources and knowledge from your attending physician if you are a resident.

Call on your friends and peers for case consults.  

Consulting with other doctors/specialists - e.g. OHSU line, your local teaching hospital usually has a consult line, or you can call any specialist at a hospital and they will have someone on call, befriend your local specialist providers and they will take consults. I usually frame it as wanting to make sure I make an appropriate referral. 


Principles and Practices of Naturopathic Botanical Medicine: Volume 1: Botanical Medicine Monographs by Anthony Godfrey ND and Fraser Smith ND

Desktop Guide to keynotes and confirmatory symptoms by Roger Morrison MD

Clinical Exam Textbook - any one that you used in medical school will usually do. Tori Hudson’s Womens Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine My Little Book of Everything IVNTP Coursebook from the International IV Nutrition Therapy course I took. I reference this regularly because I manage the IV department at the clinic where I work.  Nutritional Biochemistry course book from Dr. Marc McRae of NUHS. I keep this book in my office. Gaby’s Nutritional Medicine book, listed below, is also a helpful resource in this department.  Anatomy Textbook - I always keep an anatomy textbook on a nearby shelf so I can show my patients their anatomy and explain their symptoms with visual aids. They appreciate it!


UpToDate - uptodate.com

NDNR - www.NDNR.com

Natural Medicine Journal - naturalmedicinejournal.com American Academy of Family Physicians - www.aafp.org ASCCP - https://www.asccp.org/guidelines Cogence - https://cogenceimmunology.com/ Gaia Herbs Webinars - https://www.gaiaprofessional.com/events/ Dr to Dr Podcast and other resources by Dr. Anderson- https://www.consultdranderson.com/

FP Notebook: https://fpnotebook.com/

APPS: Memorial Sloan Kettering for herbs - About Herbs App (has herb/drug interactions and more) GoodRx App - good for looking up prescription costs at your local pharmacies, coupons for patients.  Other Recommended Resources that I do not use regularly: MERCK Manual  Nurses Pharmacological Desk Resource  Hippocrates Gaby’s Nutritional medicine book  OncANP members have a forum KNOW database OncANP Yahoo Group

Educating on Racism

Racism in Healthcare;

  • Medical Apartheid by Harriet A. Washington

  • Black Man in a White Coat by Damon Tweedy, M.D.

  • Just Medicine by Dayna Bowen Matthew

  • Unmasking Racism in Health Care: Alive and Well by Marie Edwige Seneque, PhD, RN

  • The Health Gap by Michael Marmot

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